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I will always recommend Solent Family Mediation as I was highly impressed with their services and baffled with the way they handled my case so well with the help of impartial family mediators.

– David

Family Mediation Service Bexhill

Features and Benefits of Family Mediation

Is mediation suitable for couples with marital problems to work out matters concerning separation or divorce and child custody? The answer is yes. Grave matters have been raised by mediators, human right activists and many families regarding level of satisfaction, safety of children and cost when mediation is used instead of legal action. Mediation is the best means of comprehensively addressing all concerns of the couples as well as concerns of their children. In mediation, the parties define issues and set the agenda to be discussed making it suitable for dealing with any marital matter.

Early mediation is a proven approach of trimming down worry and quarrel for the good of the children. High conflict that arises when couples use court legislation during separation hurt many children more than the separation itself. Mediation is also highly cost-effective because couples share the cost of one mediator, which is better than each person paying a lawyer to represent him or her in court.


Why customers choose us in Bexhill

  • Solent Family Mediation allows you to solve your disputes amicably, mediating between the different parties involved in a conflict.
  • Solent Family Mediation makes it easy to arrange an appointment with only a phone call to our offices and without any need of a solicitor to represent you or any of the people involved in the mediation.
  • Solent Family Mediation offers an easier way to deal with your problems, without the need of pursuing your case in a court of law.
  • Solent Family Mediation allows you to arrange a meeting where you will be able to discuss and solve your dispute with the involved parties.

Do you need a MIAMS or FM1 in Bexhill?

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting with an approved mediator from Solent and get a Form FM1 to prove that they have done so.

Learn more about MIAM and FM1 – click here.

How Family Mediation in Bexhill can help you?

The Types of People and Issues Which Can be Addressed Through Family Mediation

Communication and conflict resolution are two hallmarks of any family mediation scheme. Thankfully, nearly any individual and his or her relationship with others can be helped. Perfect examples of this include children, parents, grandparents, extended family and same-sex couples.

While this scope is indeed impressive, we should also recognise that countless additional issues can be effectively tackled. Some of the most prominent will include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Assets, savings and investments.
  • Internal communication.
  • Family businesses.
  • Parenting plans.
  • Shared and individual finances.
  • Pension plans.
  • Access to children and similar custodial issues.

At Solent Family Mediation, we are happy to provide a well-rounded approach which will provide the clarity and insight necessary to make the right decisions at the right times.


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