Mediation Becomes Compulsory For Divorcing Couples

In order to reduce the painful cases of divorce ending up in courts, the government has started to encourage couples to first go for mediation before approaching the court. Since April 2011, any request or an application for court hearing is being supposed to be accompanied with a form that confirms mediation in all cases involving money and/or children. In April 2014, attending an initial MIAM became mandatory, except for cases pertaining to safety.

Mediation may only not save marriages but also offers a more conciliatory and less confrontational way to settle such marriage issues. Mediation saves innocent children from going through the damaging court proceedings. Mediators involved are qualified and experienced enough to guide you through the process in the best available way. An agreement as a result of mediation can be legally binding as well as inherently more flexible than a court order. It provides both the parties with more control over the final outcome than what a court offers as it is often left to the judge in a court to make a final decision. Also the mediation process is significantly less expensive than legal proceedings.

Our team offers you with Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and mediation by sole or shuttle mediation for couples. We are proving attractive to couples seeking an amicable divorce. Our professional mediators are completely impartial with any offered opinion or advice. The lack of any impartiality not only allows smooth proceedings but also allows both the parties to come to an amenable decision, which is beneficial to all. We have a team of trained professionals who guarantees the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality while dealing with any case. You can rest assured that all your interests are of prime concern to us.

We let you be in control of the mediation process irrespectiveof the type of mediation process that you are going through. Both the involved parties are allowed to make their points of discussion and outcomes so as to enable a suitable way forward. So our mediators keep in mind that you decide on the outcomes and decisions to be made while they facilitate the conversion.

We understand that family mediation is a voluntary process and require consent of both the parties to resolve their issues without any need to approach the court. We are recommended for our family mediation services by family courts, solicitors and citizens all across the UK. We also offer out-of-hours mediation services for maximum convenience. We also expedite the process of dispute resolution keeping in mind that interests of both the parties are taken care of with security that their business will always remain behind closed doors.

Growth of Distress in Marital Relationships and Cohabiting Couples

Falling in love and marriage are considered to be two of the most cherished moments in an individual’s life. Finding a true soul mate, connecting with him or her personally as well as physically and achieving a sense of companionship in the process are some of the dreams every person nourishes in their personal sphere. However though some of them definitely are able to locate their personal compatibility as soon as they find their partner, it is really a distressing issue to notice that most of the couples do split after sometime as a result of marriage or a long period of cohabitation. So is staying together the sole reason for the increasing fissures in the relationships?

Most of the psychologists have reflected on the fact and illuminated the issue with their psychiatric rationality. According to them, cohabitation or marriage soon makes you feel the person know better not only physically but also personally. The emotional bond that was first established in the former part not the relationship has very avenues of knowing the person better. However with times of togetherness, things become worse and it seems the person whom one used to know so well even before a few days is almost an alien.

According to the psychologists, the growing distress has got nothing to do with the ritual of marriage. The most interesting part is it is the external factors that join together to make the relation weaker. Irritations as well as frustration grow as a result of external issues like career pressure, children responsibility, Overburdening of duties etc. Another prominent reason for the weakening of the roots in the relationship is definitely the reason of the presence of other family members like in-laws etc. All these essential factors become responsible for loosening the equation which finally results into a split or a divorce.

However apart from these common reasons some extreme factors are also present. One of them essentially is physical violence. Engaging into physical violence and behaving like a bully not only fade away the love but also slowly creates a room for hatred. In these cases, the women are mainly the victims of the wrath of men. In certain cases, even the women become the dominating factor of physical violence in the marital or cohabiting relationship. Whatever may be the situation, and which gender of the partner may be responsible, the reason stands the same and a traumatic experience is the outcome.

Many cohabiting couples and distressed marriages have complained of the lack of intimacy between them too. While emotional intimacy is a fact, physical closeness also matters to a certain degree. Though initially things spark off on an easy and enjoyable mode, soon monotony crops in and the vigour of a satisfied sexual life vanish. With these constant factors co-working together, many relationships are gradually losing their charm and fall prey to such situations. The role of a mediator in this aspect is indeed appreciable to sort out the fine threads professionally.

Family Mediation Services in Hampshire

Solent Family Mediation in Hampshire

Are you having troubles in the relationship?
Do you have children and need to agree child access arrangements with your ex partner?
Are you terribly looking for someone who can help you to sort all your family issues?
You don’t have to worry as Solent Family Mediation is here for your help.
Solent Family Mediation is not just a company. It’s a place where you will find some well trained Family Mediators who will genuinely help you to put everything back on track with your family members. We have a big team of qualified and professional Mediators who are experts in the field of Family Mediation. You don’t have to worry about anything as everything will be taken care of by our Mediators.

Sometimes it happens that life becomes a pretty tough thing. All your relationships start facing a dark phase. Your parents might become a big burden for you. Your children might not feel like listening to you and respecting you. Your partner might feel that living with you is not a good decision. And unfortunately some people decide to just end their relationships. Solent Family Mediation is a company where you will find a perfect solution for all such problems. Our Mediators are impartial and who will listen to your problems, understand them and then arrive at a certain conclusion which will be the best for you.

Family mediation has become the best option for those who don’t want to take their family matters to the court. For all those who wish to discard any kind of interference in their personal matters, family mediation is the best decision. Our mediators will visit one of our many offices and then conduct the whole process.

They would first listen to the motions of both the parties and then arrive at a certain conclusion. Since we respect your privacy, we would make sure that there is no kind of external interference in your matter. We assure you that your details and the important information related to the mediation process will not be disclosed to anyone else. The talks will always remain private. Plus, this option is quite affordable. If you go any lawyer, he/she will charge high amounts of money from and then you will be disappointed if he/she will not do the job properly.

So make sure that you choose the best. If you wish to contact us and know more about our services, you can call us on 0238 161 1051 and we will reply you as soon as we can. Now all your days of worrying about your family are about to end.



Blame Free Divorces

Today’s marriages are full of break ups due to behavioral erosion which results to divorce. It’s painful to be in a situation of divorce since; you don’t possess full control of this condition. Where the dispute between husband and wife cannot be resolved then it leaves you with no option other than filing a law suit for divorce. Basically, children are on the receiving end when divorce happens in the family. The worst bit of it is the huge cost incurred in hiring advocates who file the law suit for you and also represents you in court. However, there is a modernized way of carrying out divorce proceedings in a more civilized and economical way. This type of divorce is referred to as blame free divorce. It involves agreement by divorcing couples not to raise any justification for divorce which is allowed by the court. The biggest question is, are blame free divorces a good thing? Well, it is good and here are the reasons that support it.

Does not call for the public attention 

Divorce is not only viewed as a marriage failure but as a general failure in life. It does not portray a good picture to the public at all. The normal divorce attracts much of public attention causing a permanent damage to your reputation as opposed to blame free divorces which can be done without necessarily inviting the public. We all know what reputations means and therefore, no one person would dare compromise it under avoidable circumstances.

Cost effective

It’s much more economical since the legal fees involved may be reduced. Lawyers’ charges are the ones that hike up cost of law suit. This cost is further increased when the time taken for the ruling to be granted is extended.

Time saving 

Time is money as economist say. Wasted time taken to attend hearings and visits to the lawyers is saved. These will allow you to continue with you activities without much interference from the court.

Protection of children’s interest

Children are very delicate to handle particularly if they are below 18 years of age. If a divorce happens, they may be emotionally affected and this would have negative impact to them in future. Some of these effects may be seen through poor grades and drastic changes in their behaviors. To avoid all that trouble you may opt for blame free divorce which does not raise an alarm as it may be done in secrete and children won’t have to be part of it. This will save the state of mind of your children for the for a long time before they become ready for the bad news.

It minimizes the level of hatred

It is not good to create permanent enmity with a person whom you have shared part of your life with. By using blame free divorce the level of hatred may be greatly minimized or even done away with.

If you are facing divorce challenge and you are thinking of the ways of going about it, blame free divorce would be the most preferred option.




Benefits of Sorting Finances

One of the major issues in life that you have to make wise decision about in your personal life is your finances. It is important that you work your family financial issues to be assured of strong financial status in the future. To ensure that you have the best financial management it is advisable to seek assistance from financial specialists or your local citizens advice.


When you decide to work through the process by yourself, you may end up getting more stressed and take a long time before you come up with an amicable solution. Working with mediation services such as Solent family Mediation  you will get the assistance of highly qualified financial and mediation experts. This is the best option for you because the process will be more effective, fast and the results last for a long time.

In order to make wise and sustainable financial decisions, you should understand all what you own as your assets including pensions. In addition, you should understand what you owe other people (liabilities), your earnings and all what you need. It is only by having such information that you can be able to come up with good strategies on how to you can get more earnings and look critically and realistically on how you can meet everyone who is involved in your future. In case you are in a legal relationship such as civil partnership or marriage and want to make your arrangements to be formal, the court will have to look at all the financial details that underpin your proposal. The court will have to make the assessment and evaluation of the information to ensure that the information make sense in meeting all the needs you have.

The major difference that occurs in mediation is that you have full control of the decision making process and the pace it takes. You will have the opportunity to sit together, ask questions and clarify any issue. You have the opportunity to clarify any issues before they become major issues that may be hard to resolve in the future. Your mediator will assist to make identification of areas that you have information gaps, where extra resources might be available and how you get independent advice. In addition, the mediator will ensure that all proposals you have made make sense within the right legal framework. The fact that you will be doing this with the support of the mediator, you will have the chance to talk about the circumstances that are particular to your family and be creative on how to resolve any issue coming up. By just meeting with the mediator, you will gain knowledge on how to plan and have a future in which you have financial security.

If you decide to do it by yourself without the mediation services, you will find it difficult to handle issues pertaining to your finances in the future. In addition, the process will end up stressing you, more expensive and your views may not be heard in the court proceedings. Thus, sorting finances in mediation is the best solution for you if you have to enjoy a future with lore financial security.

Can a friendship with an ex work?

Do you really think that you can stay friends with an ex?

That is a question that is often asked!
Friendships with a former partner can work when both of you can accept that the romantic and sexual side of the relationship is no longer working for either of you, but you have to both agree on this first before there can be friendship between you.
You may want just friendship with your ex because you have children together, so for everyone concerned this is the best way forward. However you will have to be honest with yourself about what you can expect from your new relationship with your ex.
If you are having problems with letting go of your ex then it may be best to avoid contact for a while until you can deal with your feelings. It can be a little scary trying to let go of your feelings towards an ex but if you are positive then there can be real benefits from staying friends with each other.
Why not try out some new hobbies and see friends that you havn’t had time to see in a while, do anything that you never had the time to do when you were with your partner. Try not to dwell on your past relationship as this will only keep you stuck in the past. If you can remain friends with your ex then you will find that it can have many benefits, as this is someone who knows you very well and can give you support and advice whenever you need it.
It’s nice to know that your ex is there as a friend, so stay positive, keep calm and work out a feasible way for you to remain friends with your ex and you will probably have a friend for life!

Latest divorce figures

The government has recently announced that couples who are facing divorce will be given mediation services, so as to help them avoid any court battles that may take place because of the divorce.

This has been done so as to help the separation process, meaning that it is likely to be smoother and less damaging, especially if children are involved. One of the reasons that this is being put into effect is because the government are planning to cut legal aid by several million pounds.

The government have found that each person using legal aid may produce costs of up to £4,000 when the courts are used. The government believe that mediators can be used to discuss the situation of a divorce with each individual within the relationship, so as to come to a conclusion without the need of an external court to make the decision.

If this takes place and is successful, the couple may then discuss their decision with the court and ask for a judge to make their decision one that is legally binding.

These mediation services are being strongly advised upon couples that are organizing a divorce, thanks to their focus on resolving a situation in a less problematic way, especially if young children are also involved.


A recent report has shown that divorces have gone up since the Recession began to take place. The number has grown considerably and is far higher in 2012 than it was in the years between 2003 up until 2009, rising by up to 4.9%

Many believe that the trend of divorces in this economic crisis is due to financial reasons within the family. Reports have shown that roughly 13 divorces took place every hour in the year of 2012 in both England and Wales, around half of which were in the first ten years of the marriage.

Solent Family Mediation helps in the mediation process with couples and believes that the recession played a key role in the rise of divorces. However some believe that a rise in incomes for some individuals in the recession may have also encouraged break ups, as individuals are able to afford the fees that are involved in the divorce process.

Studies have also found that more than two thirds of all marriages will end up in divorce. Ruth Sutherlan is the chief executive of an organization known as the Relate charity. She believes that what is important is the quality of the relationship and not that of the status.
However, Simon Hughes, a justice minister for families stresses the importance of using mediation techniques when a divorce is being undertaken, so as to lower the potential damage that the process can have on the family if it is taken to court.

Ten tips on how to prepare for family mediation

Scheduling a mediation session is a very good choice for yourself and your children. It is a financially sensible and family friendly decision. Now, ensure you are doing everything possible to assist the process and contribute to the mediation success. Here are ten practical tips on how to go about your first mediation.

Present organised financial documents

Have the list of all the assets you own and balances of all bank accounts and retirement funds. For your debts, make sure you give concrete information on the balances and monthly payment for each. Check with your mediator whether you should bring original or photocopy documents. An organised document will do wonders in saving your money and time.

Control your emotions

Mediation is negotiation process and uncontrolled emotions will not allow you to have a clear head you need. This is not the time to get at the other party or to use hurtful words. Be kind to yourself and come to mediation as composed as you can.

Focus on negotiation not argument

Look forward to a proactive mediation process not argument. Argument will not work because it is something you had done before and failed. Know what you want and work towards it with the help of your mediator within reasons and within the scope of achievable targets.

Ask a private talk session with your mediator

You can ask a private talk with your mediator for a few minutes if you have specific concerns with them. Most mediators understand that not everything can be discussed with everyone in the room. This private discussion will tremendously boost the mediation process.

Get an attorney for legal advice

It is very important to know what your rights are and when to get legal advice during your mediation process. It is a great idea to have some legal advice as well as keeping yourselves out of litigation from adversarial proceedings.

Know your rights and obligations

Gather information from more than one consultant as well as reading legal articles. Do not begin divorce process before you know your rights and obligation, implications and meaning. Go to a few consultants separately or together with your mediator, and ask a lot of questions. This will get you a clear picture of the options you have and what each option mean to you.

Write or table your concerns

Your interests are very important for the mediation process. Put then on the table for discussion. Ensure everything is relevant and discussable. This proactive process will assist you in setting the grounds for productive co-operation and peace of mind.

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What is family mediation?

Why go for mediation?

Are you at a verge of breaking a relationship?
Or did you just end a relationship?

Either way, all you require is a useful and actual conversation about the future for you.

You might ponder upon what is family mediation?

Family mediation can turn out to be the best effective solution for those parents, couples or guardians who need help.

How it functions?

A mediator can help you take the right and the best decision in a period of time that perfectly suits you.

· Discussions about personal life and the issues related to it.

· This can take place at any moment, be it now or later like separation/ divorce.

· Everyone comes to a point where alterations or changes are made based on the communication.

· Family relationships strategies are agreed especially when children are involved.

· Mediators help in resolving issues and provide effective ways of communication.

When do you have to look out for us?

There can be issues in families regarding business, property, debts or certain rights.

What is family mediation?

When two people are stuck in a relationship, mediators come to the rescue. Often mediation is also needed between parents, grandparents, siblings or teenage parents. Suitable planning of care at an early stage and measures for child support following a split-up can avoid the difficulties. Similarly, the participation of a self-governing party in such discussions about debts, property or assets can smooth development.

Mediation Proposals

Mediators believe in looking forward to a bright and trouble free future rather than relying on the past. They help in providing an environment that is comfortable and neutral for both the individuals. Discussions about the problems and helping to encourage them to lead a better life, is their only motto. Mediators allow reasons for a fresh new start without strain and expense of visiting a court or including lawyers.

Procedure to be followed

First, the mediator meets the individuals maybe separately or together. He explains to them the process and decides the venue and time. An individual can definitely meet the mediator alone to discuss the issues concerning him/her like harassment or violence. Secondly, the mediator allows the people involved to state freely about what they wish to achieve from the mediation. Thirdly, the mediator ensures that all queries regarding the process have been answered properly and are made clear.

What does the law say?

In the legislation of Wales and England, it is stated that a person applying to matters such as finance or children in the court, needs to attend a particular meeting with the mediator which is called the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. These changes were made in the year 2011, on the April 6th. Court often is not the best place to go when family problems are concerned. One can appoint a mediator, state their problems and get to a conclusion without any hassle.

Why attend meetings?

Mediation is all about discussion and agreement. The mediator would get to know in details about the disputes during such meetings. The meeting encourages an open situation where the individuals are made to put emphasis on the relevant matters. After efficient communication, it is decided whether the final decision is an agreement or a compromise. The meeting often lasts for approximately ninety minutes or for one and a half hours if individual sessions are conducted. Mediation helps those stuck relationships to prosper in a healthier way.