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I always thought that family mediation was about getting people back together But Solent Family Mediation proved me wrong. I was happy with the whole family mediation process and they are impartial all the time.

– Wilson

Family Mediation Service Bognor

What You Need to Know AboutThe Cost of Family Mediation

Family mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes in the family. It is a core mediation service which can be availed by families who are currently having major or minor disputes and wish to resolve the same.


Estimating an accurate and precise cost of such a service is difficult because the cost factor is dependent on the number of cases it takes to resolve the issue and the amount of mediation service required to be put in. Thus, the family mediation fees would differ from one person to another.

After you approach Solent Family Mediation Service and complete the MIAM process, our expert mediator would be with you to discuss your personal situation. Once we have a good idea about you case, we would provide you with a quote, at the initial meeting itself! We would also inform you about the approximate number of sessions your case would require.

No Strings Attached

Don’t you just hate it when there are strings attached to a service? We hate it too! Hence, at Solent Family Mediation, we do not keep any hidden cost or surprises. There is absolutely no catch to our quotes. We keep the cash flow process simple by allowing our clients to pay as they proceed.

Family Mediation Service is cheaper than approaching a lawyer

Family mediation services are definitely cheaper than hiring a lawyer or a solicitor. Moreover, this kind of service also produce faster results and are more effective than opting for a solicitor’s help, which is a lengthy, troublesome and costly affair.


Why customers choose us in Bognor

  • A professional mediation service for those experiencing family breakdown
  • Non-judgmental, impartial guidance from trained mediators working to a professional code of conduct
  • Expertise in financial or child-related matters available
  • Guidance towards self-resolution of decisions around emotional, practical and financial matters in the case of family breakdown
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to court
  • Fully endorsed by the Ministry of Justice as a first step or an alternative before legal proceedings
  • Completely confidential service, all cases dealt with in strict privacy
  • Arranged at a date, time and location to suit the client.

Do you need a MIAMS or FM1 in Bognor?

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting with an approved mediator from Solent and get a Form FM1 to prove that they have done so.

Learn more about MIAM and FM1 – click here.

How Family Mediation in Bognor can help you?

If the communication in your family has broken down then these services can really help, providing a bridge between both parties. Whether this be with your children, parents or partner we can help with financial, business, asset or savings and investment issues as well as access to children and parental plans. Working with parents, grandparents or issues between same sex couples, mediation services will improve your relationship with your family member.

Establishing a line of communication between you is the fundamental building block of bringing you back together, so that you may come to an agreement about the issue and move on. If you are experiencing a problem then please consider our mediation services as they can really help the healing of your relationship begin and meet an agreement.


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