Subsequent to having issues with my spouse over the last few years, I attempted to go for separation yet my companion proposed me family mediation. I should say, separation was a wrong choice and I saved my marriage with the assistance of mediation.

– David

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Solent Family Mediation is a nationally recognized company that provides mediation services for people who are deciding to end their civil partnership.

Whether that is a separation, divorce or cohabitation of a heterosexual or same sex civil partnership, any disbandment can be a difficult phase in one’s life. Additionally if any children or dependant family members, it can take an emotional toll on them as well.

Mediation, like any other professional and legal service cannot make this time emotionally easier for you through counseling, rather it guarantees not to further add to your worries in this stressful time.

Divorce and separation mediation is amethod by which almost any family dispute can be resolved in a respectful, dignified manner that is mutually beneficial to all involved.

It is a cost effective process in which both parties can share the cost of one mediator who would approach all cases fairly and without any bias. They promote free and open discussions between the people concerned as to first highlighteveryone’s needs and viewpoints.

By listening to all sides, the mediator can then offer comprehensive guidance to bring to attention all the possible solutions and outcomes of the case.

Available seven days a week, this process is usually not very time consuming. And can take anywhere from one session to a just a few weeks depending on the complexity of a particular case. And the willingness of the clients. Here are other beneficial aspects of mediation:

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  • You pick the time, date and venue of the mediation meetings as our appointments are designed for your convenience.
  • The Ministry of Justice endorses family mediation as an alternative and/or essential step before approaching a court of law.
  • Our professional mediators are accredited to the highest possible standards training and approach all matters impartially.
  • Our mediators maintain full confidentiality of all their client cases and are completely unbiased in their approach in order to reach a fair resolution in an affable way.
  • Almost any divorce and separation issues can be solved with mediation as it promises an extremely high success rate.

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  • Often mediation leads to lesser resentment and better coexistence of all the parties involved as clients arrive at the final terms more peacefully, through amicablediscussions.
  • Mediation is far less time consuming and a more cost effective method thanpotentially tedious legal proceedings.
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