A dead property millionaire’s former partner has claimed for a larger share of her fortune in a unique case of its kind that involves a civil partnership split. The deceased millionaire is credited with transforming Manchester’s gay village.

An ex-civil partner of a deceased property developer’s claim has reached the Court of Appeal.

Helen Roocroft, who is now 41 and who originally hails from Bolton in Lancashire was in an 18-year relationship with Carol Ann Ainscow. Carol became wealthy through redeveloping properties that are on fashionable Canal Street in Manchester. In 2008, both of them commenced a civil partnership, but after some time the relationship came to a collapsed state, which leads to their separation in 2009. The situation further got exaggerated as they formally dissolved their partnership in 2010.

In the duration of accompanying financial relief proceedings, Ms. Carol insisted on her statement regarding the substantial loss in the period of 2008 recession, which led to persuasion of Roocroft towards acceptance of a financial settlement to the tune of £162,000.

Unfortunately, later the developer got diagnosed with fatal brain tumor. As Carol died in 2013 after reaching an age of 55, Ms. Roocroft claimed to discover that her ex was worth far more than she had originally claimed at the time of proceedings. She further claimed that her ex-had assets of several million in reality.
Ms. Roocroftdesires the settlement to be reconsidered in reference to a landmark Supreme Court judgment a year ago where the court said that two wives have the right to seek larger payouts from their former husbands as they were not fully disclosed about the value of their assets.

During their time together, Ms. Ainscow was instrumental in the process of transforming Manchester’s Canal Street into a thriving gay village.

She is credited for opening up Manto that is one of the city’s first openly gay bars, which eventually branched out into property development throughout Manchester and other northern cities.

Both of them enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle while living in a big house with a swimming pool and spa.

Ms. Roocrofttried several courses of IVF fertility treatment as they wished to have a baby, but they were unsuccessful.

With this claim, she returned to court with an appeal to overturn the previous financial settlement she had agreed upon with ex-partner before her death. In 2014, a court dismissed the initial claim from Ms. Roocroft but granted her with the permission to appeal back in 2014.

Ms. Roocroft’s case began on July 5 in the Court of Appeal. The judges from the Appeal Court judges have reserved their judgment, which will be disclosed at a later date.

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