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On the off chance that you are in a state ofdivorce, you must take help of Solent Family Mediation. They truly let you know each part of the separation and you get the best results for yourself.

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No matter how long of a relationship you have been in, ending it can be a very stressful chapter in one’s life. It doesn’t only affect your emotional wellbeing but can be life altering for your children and close family members as well.

For most such cases, divorce and separation mediation is a highly useful service that can eliminate any potential anxiety and added costs from attending legal hearings, hiring lawyers and fighting custody battles and sort out all financial and custody matters that arise in the most respectful, fair and amicable manner possible.

The proficiency of the mediation process will enable you to resolve matters with substantially less hassle and save significantly on monetary costs as both parties involved need to hire just one mediator.

Almost any case of separation, divorce, cohabitation and civil partnership, including ones of the same genders can be efficiently worked out if you go throughSolentFamily Mediation services, specifically with in-depth expertise on all child care and financial security matters.

Mediation is a nationally recognized method by the Ministry of Justice and endorsed as a crucial alternative and/or the first step before undertaking more hefty legal procedures.

This is the process by which you and your ex-partner meet to discuss the social and financial implications of your circumstances along with the guidance of a professional mediator.

Any contractual agreements, a division of assets, property, pensions and other finances as well as care plans, visits, custody arrangements of your children are things that would be discussed in a pleasant but ethical atmosphere in order to reach a fair and amicable conclusion.

All our mediators are accredited in the highest standard of training, many of whom are acknowledged professionals in their field. They are able to approach all cases from a neutral stand point and through open and clear communication, provide their clients with comprehensive knowledge of all the potential possibilities and outcomes of their decisions.

If there are children involved, even their needs would be heard in order to secure their financial futures. Because this is a process where all parties enter voluntarily, our appointment service is conditioned to suit your needs.

You have the choice of picking the time, date and venue of the meetings as your comfort level and convenience is of prime importance.

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