Mediation services can be defined as an arrangement of agreements on issues concerning family and property disputes. Mediation services are better than court proceedings because of the following reasons:-

1. They are inexpensive and cost effective. They are easier on the pocket and one doesn’t have to spend a fortune while availing their services.
2. One of the major benefits of mediation service is that they are less stressful than normal court proceedings. Since, they are not as complex as general litigation; the proceedings are simple and hassle free.

3. Mediators generally work behind closed doors, in a hushed up manner. This means complete confidentiality is maintained. No secrets are revealed to a third party.

4. One of the benefits of family mediation is that the decisions are taken impartially and no kind of favoritism or nepotism is followed. This ensures the parties concerned of a fair trial.

5. Perhaps, the best part of mediation service is that the parties involved can take part in decision making. In other words, the parties do have a say in the final settlement that is reached.

6. Mediation service takes less time than normal litigation service. The process is less time consuming and is hassle free. This is particularly beneficial in cases where there are children concerned. Less time consumption ensures that the future of the child is not harmed in any way.

7. As discussed above, this process is generally beneficial for children. Since there is less stress involved, the children benefit from such services in the long run.

Now, where children are concerned, the following tips should be taken into consideration:-

1. The parents should never bad mouth each other. This has psychological effect on the child. Not only does it cast a negative impression on the child, bad mouthing each other can also make the case work against the favor of the spouse concerned.

2. While making decisions, do think about the activities concerning the child, his upbringing, his education etc.

3. Finally do think upon the fact that the child is not a trophy to be won, in fact he is a gift to be cherished. While making settlements, do think in a way that the future of the child is not affected. Try and handle the case in such a way, that the child is not affected psychologically .This is essential.

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