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Excellent Job

I have been paid all my salary due from my previous co. which was stuck.I really appreciate that Solent family mediation helped me recover this loss without any delays or bothering.


Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common frequently asked questions, please take your time to look through them and see if they might help.

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Why attend mediation? Will it eventually help us get back together?

Mediation is only there for those couples who are already separated, or are in the middle of the process of divorcing. It offers you as an individual the chance to talk about and to help resolve issues that can arise from the breakdown of a relationship.

Should I be represented by my solicitor when I go through mediation?

Your solicitor is not required. Many individuals decide to attend mediation sessions on their own. To do so, please telephone us and we’ll take your details such as, your name, address and telephone number and also arrange an appointment that suits you.

Why should I attend mediation? Can I go through my solicitor instead?

You can go through your solicitor if you wish, however mediation is much less stressful. It helps you to make you own decisions about what is right for you. It also tends to be quicker and cheaper than going through your solicitor.

Is the other party going to be at this first meeting?

No, unless the letter you have received actually states differently. If a joint meeting is arranged and you would wish it different, please don’t hesitate to simply us and we will re-arrange your meeting.

How long is this first information meeting?

This initial meeting will only take about 20-30 minutes.

What is the cost of mediation?

The aim of this first meeting is to explain to you the mediation process and also outline the benefits to you. This appointment is also a chance to assess your individual eligibility for public funding and help with the cost. If you are eligible no charge will occur. However, if you are not eligible then the charges specific to you will be explained. A payslip will be needed as proof if you wish to be considered for public funding.

Once I have attended this initial information meeting, do I have to attend mediation?

No, not at all. Mediation is a voluntary process and if you do not wish to continue, please just tell the mediator or administrator and your file with us will be closed.

Do I attend full mediation on my own?

No. Mediation has to involve both parties and a mediator to discuss any family issues that need to be settled.

How long does the overall process take?

Mediation will be arranged as soon as possible after the information meetings. Further mediation sessions will be arranged at a time-scale to suit you both. The sessions take between 1 to 2 hours.

Is the mediation legally binding?

No, however the summary finalised by the mediator can be given to your solicitor to be incorporated into a court order.


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