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Solent Family Mediators are the best individuals around the area on the off chance that you are hoping to avoid the courts for those legitimate matters. They spare time and cash both!

– Bell

Good Work Guys

I was looking for some of the best family mediators in Southampton. My search ended here at Solent Family Mediation. I was impressed with their style of work and was completely convinced with their quality of services.


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Family disputes, whether that is a separation, divorce, cohabitation or pre-nuptial arrangement, can be a tedious and stressful phase in a person’s life and for others who are closely invested.

With children, extended family and even valuable assets, more often than not, the only way around it seems to be to go to court. However, this may not necessarily be the only option.

Family Mediation is a great proven alternative to hiring lawyers that in most cases has been far more cost effective and far less time consuming.

Barring some rare extenuating circumstances, mediation is respectful process that has a high success rate, especially where financial guidance and child care expertise is required.

Mediation is a process by which you and your ex-partner can volunteer to meet, along with a mediator and discuss and resolve the possible implications of your circumstances in a fair and mutually beneficial manner.

And at Solent mediation services, we are equipped to handle a range of social and financial disputes that may arise during divorce and separation mediation including children (and/or pet) custody, visitation plans and their financial care as well as division of property, pensions, assets and more.

These are applicable to heterosexual as well as same sex civil partnerships. The mediators at Solent are trained to the highest of standards and maintain a professional and unbiased approach towards all clients and cases.

While they are not marriage counselors, the mediators allow open dialogue to take place that enables both people to feel more comfortable in reaching an amicable decision.

At your service seven days a week, we provide ways to make quick appointments at your convenience. And because the whole process is voluntary, you choose the date, time and venue to set up these meetings.

Mediation is recognized by the government as a necessary step in any civil relationship dissolution as it has shown a high rate of success.

This method of settlements often lead to a decrease in resentment and overall better coexistence of the parties involved as the end result is formed on a set of mutual agreements.

Also, because this is not a very time consuming procedure, added stresses of upsetting your personal schedulescan be avoided all together as mediation can take anywhere from just one session to a few weeks depending on the client’s particular circumstances and requirements.

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