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Solent Family Mediation are the most reliable guys for the task of family mediation. These guys provided me with the best services and helped me to sort the issues regarding my kids.

– Steven

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In the event that you are stuck in a relationship since you don’t have the sort of money that lawyers demand, look for the assistance of these astounding individuals at Solent Family Mediation.

– John

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Every family at some point or another undergoes a breakdown or series of them. Some can be settled amicably among the family in the privacy of your own home and some require outside intervention to help give the matter some direction towards a comprehensive resolution. In cases of separation or divorce, many assume that such matters can only be settled in a court of law.

While this may be true for a few cases, in most circumstances divorce and separation mediation services have proven equally effective with far less worry of time and monetary constraints. At Solent mediation, we provide a relatively hassle-free and cost effective method to resolve almost anykind of dispute that arises from the disbanding of civil partnerships, cohabitation and same sex relationships.

Many times in these situations, there is an intimate involvement of children or extended family for which a separation or divorce can be a life altering event as well. And because we are fully aware of the emotional and financial toll this can take on the people involved, family mediationaims to prevent any unnecessary stresses that may befall you in this testing period. Mediation is a method by which you and your ex-partner can volunteer to meet with a mediator to discuss the social and financial implications of your decisions.

Contractual agreements, division of assets, property and other finances as well as care plans, visitations and custody of your children are some of the things you would discuss in these meetings. The mediators, who are there to conduct these discussions smoothly, are accredited with the highest of standards of training and approach all cases in an unbiased and professional manner to reach an impartial and mutually agreed upon result. You can easily make an appointment with our efficient services that allow you to select the date, time and venue of these meets for your complete comfort.

Family mediation is a recognized process, granted necessary by the government as these services have displayed a high rate of success. Due to being available seven days a week and at your convenience, mediation can take anywhere from one session to just a few weeks depending on how complicated the issues, the intricacy of the solutions and the consensual willingness of both parties. With prominent expertise in financial and child care matters, almost any case of disputes can be resolved with mediation.

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