Falling in love and marriage are considered to be two of the most cherished moments in an individual’s life. Finding a true soul mate, connecting with him or her personally as well as physically and achieving a sense of companionship in the process are some of the dreams every person nourishes in their personal sphere. However though some of them definitely are able to locate their personal compatibility as soon as they find their partner, it is really a distressing issue to notice that most of the couples do split after sometime as a result of marriage or a long period of cohabitation. So is staying together the sole reason for the increasing fissures in the relationships?

Most of the psychologists have reflected on the fact and illuminated the issue with their psychiatric rationality. According to them, cohabitation or marriage soon makes you feel the person know better not only physically but also personally. The emotional bond that was first established in the former part not the relationship has very avenues of knowing the person better. However with times of togetherness, things become worse and it seems the person whom one used to know so well even before a few days is almost an alien.

According to the psychologists, the growing distress has got nothing to do with the ritual of marriage. The most interesting part is it is the external factors that join together to make the relation weaker. Irritations as well as frustration grow as a result of external issues like career pressure, children responsibility, Overburdening of duties etc. Another prominent reason for the weakening of the roots in the relationship is definitely the reason of the presence of other family members like in-laws etc. All these essential factors become responsible for loosening the equation which finally results into a split or a divorce.

However apart from these common reasons some extreme factors are also present. One of them essentially is physical violence. Engaging into physical violence and behaving like a bully not only fade away the love but also slowly creates a room for hatred. In these cases, the women are mainly the victims of the wrath of men. In certain cases, even the women become the dominating factor of physical violence in the marital or cohabiting relationship. Whatever may be the situation, and which gender of the partner may be responsible, the reason stands the same and a traumatic experience is the outcome.

Many cohabiting couples and distressed marriages have complained of the lack of intimacy between them too. While emotional intimacy is a fact, physical closeness also matters to a certain degree. Though initially things spark off on an easy and enjoyable mode, soon monotony crops in and the vigour of a satisfied sexual life vanish. With these constant factors co-working together, many relationships are gradually losing their charm and fall prey to such situations. The role of a mediator in this aspect is indeed appreciable to sort out the fine threads professionally.

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