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If you want your divorce proceedings to pass quickly and smoothly then Solent Family Mediation Horsham Service is just perfect for you. They helped me overcome my divorce and I’m really grateful for that.

– Adam

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The dissolution of any civil partnership can be a life-altering decision for everyone involved. For people who are considering or currently going through a separation or divorce, legal proceedings of court legislations are not the only viable option.

For a rare few cases hiring a lawyer may be the right way to go but in most cases, divorce and separation mediation makes for a better alternative as its proven to be more cost effective and far less time-consuming.

When undertaking the method of mediation, both parties involved usually need to hire just one mediator. This mediator instigates open discussions from both parties as well the takes in to account the opinions and needs of any children or dependent family members.

The end result of mediation should, therefore, be an impartial, fair division of finances and custody reached in a mutually respectful manner.

At Solent, our family mediation services cater to separations, divorce, cohabitation and disbanding same-sex civil partnerships. The problems that then arise and need to be settled from this include custody, visitations and care plan for children as well as any disputes over the division property, assets and general finances.

The standard process of mediation consists of you and your ex-partner making an appointment with a mediator to discuss in depth, all the possible implications of your situation.

While you as the voluntary client receive full freedom to set the date, time and venue of each meeting, essentially the mediator’s job is to conduct, not a council, the discussions in an unbiased manner, remaining sensitive to the emotional toll such a feat can take.

There are many other beneficial features to taking on mediation to resolve family conflicts that include:

  • The government recognizes mediation as a necessary step to take toward sending any legal relationship.
  • Our professional mediators maintain full confidentiality as they are accredited to the highest possible standards of training.
  • Almost any separation and divorce matters can be efficiently resolved with mediation rather than long drawn and costly legal proceedings.
  • Our services have an exceptional success rate as the family mediation process leads to fairly derived, mutual solutions.
  • Family mediation is far more cost effective and less time consuming than hiring solicitors.
  • Mediation often leads to more peaceful conflict resolutions and better coexistence of the parties involved as the result tends to be mutually beneficial.

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