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All couples who reach the end of a relationship share in common a wish for their difficult decision not to impact on their loved one, never more so than when there are children to consider. It will never be easy – but the British Legal System offers an alternative to the adversarial, time-consuming and potentially highly expensive solicitor route, which may necessitate court appearances. This may be distressing for all parties, perhaps especially for children.Family mediation from Solent Family Mediation is different. Our staff of fully-qualified, professional mediators are experienced in family law, and will seek to resolve the complications of a partnership’s dissolution amicably, quickly and at a far lower cost than if judges and lawyers are involved. The mediation process is entirely voluntary and designed to accommodate all parties’ convenience. Contact us to take your first step towards resolving disagreements in a conciliatory, timely and professional manner.

Why customers choose us in Hayling Island

If you are looking for mediation services in order to assist you and your family resolve an issue that cannot be solved. You can resolve your problems without having to go the legal route that could end up costing you unnecessary fees.
Mediators can provide you with the following services:

  • A sensitive approach to your family breakdowns
  • Avoid having to go to court by having your issue solved in a timely and cost effective manner
  • You get to decide the date, venue and time that will suit you to resolve your family issues.


Do you need a MIAMS or FM1 in Hayling Island?

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting with an approved mediator from Solent and get a Form FM1 to prove that they have done so.

Learn more about MIAM and FM1 – click here.

How Family Mediation in Hayling Island can help you?

Who needs family mediation!Mediation is relationship driven; it is the positive facilitation of agreement between couples in dispute with each other. While it is easy to identify a married couple as a classic example of those people who might use mediation, we should recognise that there is no real stereotype of potential clients and their needs.

Indeed, just as important is to recognise the effect these disputes have on children and extended families in terms of how they are involved in the process. There are no limits to how inclusive mediation can be and clearly the inclusivity element is vital.

Mediation is about people who have specific problems which needs resolution, such as the Children, finances and accommodation, mediation can focus on problems objectively and offer a roadmap to clients.



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