The government has recently announced that couples who are facing divorce will be given mediation services, so as to help them avoid any court battles that may take place because of the divorce.

This has been done so as to help the separation process, meaning that it is likely to be smoother and less damaging, especially if children are involved. One of the reasons that this is being put into effect is because the government are planning to cut legal aid by several million pounds.

The government have found that each person using legal aid may produce costs of up to £4,000 when the courts are used. The government believe that mediators can be used to discuss the situation of a divorce with each individual within the relationship, so as to come to a conclusion without the need of an external court to make the decision.

If this takes place and is successful, the couple may then discuss their decision with the court and ask for a judge to make their decision one that is legally binding.

These mediation services are being strongly advised upon couples that are organizing a divorce, thanks to their focus on resolving a situation in a less problematic way, especially if young children are also involved.


A recent report has shown that divorces have gone up since the Recession began to take place. The number has grown considerably and is far higher in 2012 than it was in the years between 2003 up until 2009, rising by up to 4.9%

Many believe that the trend of divorces in this economic crisis is due to financial reasons within the family. Reports have shown that roughly 13 divorces took place every hour in the year of 2012 in both England and Wales, around half of which were in the first ten years of the marriage.

Solent Family Mediation helps in the mediation process with couples and believes that the recession played a key role in the rise of divorces. However some believe that a rise in incomes for some individuals in the recession may have also encouraged break ups, as individuals are able to afford the fees that are involved in the divorce process.

Studies have also found that more than two thirds of all marriages will end up in divorce. Ruth Sutherlan is the chief executive of an organization known as the Relate charity. She believes that what is important is the quality of the relationship and not that of the status.
However, Simon Hughes, a justice minister for families stresses the importance of using mediation techniques when a divorce is being undertaken, so as to lower the potential damage that the process can have on the family if it is taken to court.

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