In order to reduce the painful cases of divorce ending up in courts, the government has started to encourage couples to first go for mediation before approaching the court. Since April 2011, any request or an application for court hearing is being supposed to be accompanied with a form that confirms mediation in all cases involving money and/or children. In April 2014, attending an initial MIAM became mandatory, except for cases pertaining to safety.

Mediation may only not save marriages but also offers a more conciliatory and less confrontational way to settle such marriage issues. Mediation saves innocent children from going through the damaging court proceedings. Mediators involved are qualified and experienced enough to guide you through the process in the best available way. An agreement as a result of mediation can be legally binding as well as inherently more flexible than a court order. It provides both the parties with more control over the final outcome than what a court offers as it is often left to the judge in a court to make a final decision. Also the mediation process is significantly less expensive than legal proceedings.

Our team offers you with Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and mediation by sole or shuttle mediation for couples. We are proving attractive to couples seeking an amicable divorce. Our professional mediators are completely impartial with any offered opinion or advice. The lack of any impartiality not only allows smooth proceedings but also allows both the parties to come to an amenable decision, which is beneficial to all. We have a team of trained professionals who guarantees the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality while dealing with any case. You can rest assured that all your interests are of prime concern to us.

We let you be in control of the mediation process irrespectiveof the type of mediation process that you are going through. Both the involved parties are allowed to make their points of discussion and outcomes so as to enable a suitable way forward. So our mediators keep in mind that you decide on the outcomes and decisions to be made while they facilitate the conversion.

We understand that family mediation is a voluntary process and require consent of both the parties to resolve their issues without any need to approach the court. We are recommended for our family mediation services by family courts, solicitors and citizens all across the UK. We also offer out-of-hours mediation services for maximum convenience. We also expedite the process of dispute resolution keeping in mind that interests of both the parties are taken care of with security that their business will always remain behind closed doors.