Important Information for Parents in Horsham

Child custody mediation offers parents with a helpful and priceless option to an adversarial separation. Through this process, parents can work together and make a parenting agreement that honours their exceptional contribution to the upbringing of their kids. If you are a parent living in Horsham, who is experiencing this kind of issue, you need to consider mediation. Here is how mediation can help you with child custody and visitation.


Child custody and visitation mediation is a join process with one objective, and this is to prioritize the best for your kids. Not like the adversarial method, mediation emphasizes what is best for your kids. Through mediation, you can establish a good parenting agreement to be actively involved in the upbringing and lives of your kids. The alternative will take your ex-half to the law of court and suing for the care of your kids that, in many conditions, makes, even more, conflict and disagreement.

Mediation is Easier on Kids

In contested separation is burned with clash and argument, and we, at Solent Family Mediation, know that this has an unconstructive effect on kids who are dealing with the separation of their parents. Even if your purposes are good, realize that it is your attorney’s job to do the whole thing in her or his power to stand for your interests and rights. This makes a condition where the kids are inescapably on what is best for the kids and teach you how to part your interests from theirs.


We have well-trained and professional mediators that will not take sides. Instead, we help to make a plan to move forward. Rather than spending time going over the past, you will see new ways to work as one in the future.

Free of Blame

If you are charging or blaming one another for cases leading up to the separation, you turn out to be adversaries. This makes it so hard to work together efficiently on raising your kid. With the help of a mediator, we can assist set aside the urge to blame one another instead of concentrating on developing a new skill for working together as you make a parenting agreement both of you will agree on as well as adhere to.

Give More Time to the Future

Both of you love your kids and want only the best. The mediation centres on the future as well as making a practical plan which enables the kids to have a dynamic, meaningful rapport with both of you.

Lessens Conflict

We have a skilled and reliable mediator that will assist you, and your ex-spouse is making new skills for keeping in touch with each other. In due course, this will significantly decrease the pressure on both of you. If you and your ex-spouse are no longer arguing about the past, it is easier to concentrate on what is best for the kids in the future.

Reduces Stress

The pressure and anxiety during separation can result in wakefulness, a condition that allows you to divert your focus, and increased irritation with your children. As long as you keep in a steady condition of disagreement with your ex-spouse, this reaction is natural. Child custody mediation lowers stress and anxiety by providing you with the tools to work in your differences and offer a hopeful outlook on the coming years.

Win-Win Result

The objective of mediation is to make an agreement that is favourable for the kids. We, at Solent Mediation Service, understand that in non-abusive conditions, it is ideal for kids to have access to their mom and dad. Child custody mediation process side-steps many needless arguing and helps both parents make a working rapport in which the kids can thrive.

If you need a child mediation service in Horsham, don’t hesitate to call Solent Mediation Service. Our mediators have years of experience in this kind of service.

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