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Family Mediation Redhill

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When you are dealing with relationship breakdowns like a separation or divorce, it is important to consider the effect it will have on you, your partner, children and other dependants or extended family. It’s no surprise then that these decisions can be emotionally traumatizing and life changing for everyone involved. And unless your situation includes certain extenuating circumstances that require you to adhere to hefty proceedings in a court of law, family mediation with Solent makes for a far more convenient alternative.

The process of mediation is one in which the disbanding parties voluntarily hire and meet with a mediator to resolve any financial or child related disputes that tend to arise from such circumstances. The mediator’s role in this is to conduct this discussions in an open, friendly and yet completely professional manner to reach some sort of consensus.

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When children are involved, a mediator encourages their opinions as well to be taken in to account in the outcome. Withmediation, time and money are two factors to which you need not worry too much about. At Solent we completely understand and take in to account the emotional upheaval that these situations can put you and your children through and work to reduce any further stresses.

Divorce and separation mediation is a convenient process by which you can ensure that the needs of everyone involved are heard and comprehensively met. Depending on the complexity and the willingness of both parties, this process can take up to just a few weeks at most. Mediation can be beneficial in these additional aspects:

  • As people enter mediation voluntarily, we offer an efficient appointment service at your convenience that allows you to choose the date, time and venue of these meetings.
  • Unlike the long drawn proceedings you may experience with attorneys, our fast appointment service will ensure you don’t have to wait long at all to get the mediation process underway.
  • Our mediators are trained and accredited to the highest possible standards of professionalism and approach all matters in a neutral manner.
  • Our mediators abide by complete confidentiality and have expertise in all financial and child care matters.
  • Apart from a few rare instances, family breakdowns can be resolved with mediation which is reputed with a high success rate.
  • Family mediation is endorsed by the Ministry of Justice as a crucial first step or alternative to legal proceedings.

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