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Nothing was going right for me and there was nobody there to help me until I met these people. Solent Family Mediation Sussex helped me overcome my problems and now I’m very happy with my life.

– Kelly

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An increasingly common occurrence in the marriage relationships today is divorce or separation. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult chapters in a person’s life, especially when young children, extended family or high-value assets are involved.

Finding a resolution with a lawyer or solicitor can sometimes be a tedious undertaking as legal proceedings can take months or years on end and be a massive drain on your pocket.

While this approach may be appropriate in certain cases, all most all disputes can otherwise be resolved using mediation.

The aim of the mediation process is to successfully divide finances as well as child care in a fair and mutually respectful manner. With Solent family mediation, you can avoid extenuating, unforeseen delays and costs altogether and significantly reduce levels of stress for you and your family.

Since divorce and separation mediation is a voluntary process, our service allows to you fix appointments completely at your convenience as you choose the date, time and venue.

Depending on how complicated your issues, how intricate the resolutions need to be and the willingness of both parties, this process can be settled in one meeting or spread out over a few weeks.

All the same, our mediators aim to provide you with complete, comprehensive guidance on all the possible approaches and outcomes as well as help you come with a solution that is completely fair and derived in a professional and consensual manner.

So if you are considering mediation for your family or partnership troubles, bear in mind these benefits:

  • The government recognizes mediation as a necessary part of any legal relationship dissolution.
  • Our mediators maintain full confidentiality as they are accredited to the highest possible standards of training and maintain a professional and impartial yet friendly approach
  • The range of mediation services includes separation, divorce, cohabitation and parental guidance, disbanding same-sex civil partnerships, custody and care plan for children, and disputes over property, finances, pensions and assets.
  • Mediation can resolve almost all separation and divorce matters efficiently rather than skipping ahead to long drawn legal proceedings.
  • Our family mediation services have an exceptional success rate as the process leads to an agreed solution.
  • Family mediation is far less costly and time-consuming than hiring lawyers.
  • Mediation often leads to a decrease in resentment and better coexistence of the parties involved as the result tends to be mutually beneficial.

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