What Is A Child Arrangements Order?

When couples are going through a separation period, then it may be possible, then things tend to get a bit complicated where there are children involved. Since, there are emotions involved, most of the time the parents or the guardian need external help in order to sort out the matters regarding the children. Family mediation comes to help in such a situation, but one should also take notice of the fact that family mediators, cannot themselves, take the ultimate decision. It has to be passed in a court of law or to solicitors in order to create the final agreement. The final agreement is signed by both the parties and this leads to the ultimate decision which means final settlement of the dispute.

A child arrangement order is a legal agreement between the court and the parents or guardian of the minor. Child arrangements orders are generally made keeping in mind the welfare of the child.

Why does one need child arrangement order?
Child arrangement order is necessary when the parents or the guardian of the minor are unable to come to decisions regarding matters like child custody. Parents generally apply for child arrangement order when they themselves cannot come to any solution. They have to go to the court of law in order to get the order.

Candidates who can apply for this type of order
People who can apply for a child arrangement order are:-
1. A parent, guardian or special guardian- In many cases the child may not have biological parents. Under such condition, the guardians are the one who can apply for child arrangement order.

2. A civil partnership or marriage where the child is the part of the family.

3. Anyone who has ownership in respect of the child.

So, we can see that child arrangement order is an option which can be availed by people who are either the legal parent or guardian or special guardian to the parent. There are four main type of child arrangement order:-

1. Residence order- This generally shows where the child lives.

2. Contact order- This stipulates where the child lives. This goes on to show where the child should have contact with the non custodial parent.

3. Specific issue order- This is an order which specifies details regarding the upbringing of the child.

4. Prohibited steps order- It tells about the type of prohibitions that should be applied to the minor like taking him out of the country.

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