Why go for mediation?

Are you at a verge of breaking a relationship?
Or did you just end a relationship?

Either way, all you require is a useful and actual conversation about the future for you.

You might ponder upon what is family mediation?

Family mediation can turn out to be the best effective solution for those parents, couples or guardians who need help.

How it functions?

A mediator can help you take the right and the best decision in a period of time that perfectly suits you.

· Discussions about personal life and the issues related to it.

· This can take place at any moment, be it now or later like separation/ divorce.

· Everyone comes to a point where alterations or changes are made based on the communication.

· Family relationships strategies are agreed especially when children are involved.

· Mediators help in resolving issues and provide effective ways of communication.

When do you have to look out for us?

There can be issues in families regarding business, property, debts or certain rights.

What is family mediation?

When two people are stuck in a relationship, mediators come to the rescue. Often mediation is also needed between parents, grandparents, siblings or teenage parents. Suitable planning of care at an early stage and measures for child support following a split-up can avoid the difficulties. Similarly, the participation of a self-governing party in such discussions about debts, property or assets can smooth development.

Mediation Proposals

Mediators believe in looking forward to a bright and trouble free future rather than relying on the past. They help in providing an environment that is comfortable and neutral for both the individuals. Discussions about the problems and helping to encourage them to lead a better life, is their only motto. Mediators allow reasons for a fresh new start without strain and expense of visiting a court or including lawyers.

Procedure to be followed

First, the mediator meets the individuals maybe separately or together. He explains to them the process and decides the venue and time. An individual can definitely meet the mediator alone to discuss the issues concerning him/her like harassment or violence. Secondly, the mediator allows the people involved to state freely about what they wish to achieve from the mediation. Thirdly, the mediator ensures that all queries regarding the process have been answered properly and are made clear.

What does the law say?

In the legislation of Wales and England, it is stated that a person applying to matters such as finance or children in the court, needs to attend a particular meeting with the mediator which is called the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. These changes were made in the year 2011, on the April 6th. Court often is not the best place to go when family problems are concerned. One can appoint a mediator, state their problems and get to a conclusion without any hassle.

Why attend meetings?

Mediation is all about discussion and agreement. The mediator would get to know in details about the disputes during such meetings. The meeting encourages an open situation where the individuals are made to put emphasis on the relevant matters. After efficient communication, it is decided whether the final decision is an agreement or a compromise. The meeting often lasts for approximately ninety minutes or for one and a half hours if individual sessions are conducted. Mediation helps those stuck relationships to prosper in a healthier way.